About Cycling Service

Bringing the world of cycling together

Race organizations, riders, teams, federations, media – all of them make use of services and products of Cycling Service. Our company functions as a professional intermediary towards bringing about fruitful collaboration and partnerships in the world of bicycle racing, no matter where in the world. Our mediation, counsel, support, and online software all create a climate of top-level sports professionalism in which all parties, each with its own background and goals, can achieve optimal results.

For Criteriums

As we all know, after the Tour de France there is a lot on the calendar: criteriums. Cycling Service mediates between the organizations and the riders and endeavours to have the absolute stars on the starting line. In the world of bicycle racing, there is no other mediating organization that knows the market as well as we do. Cycling Service is a market leader and lures the winners of the different Grand Tour jersey competitions to these criteriums.

Our people are experienced, have deep networks, and consult on the up-and-coming racers. With our knowledge of the market, we are able to instinctively discern whether a proposal is beneficial for an organization. Cycling Service draws up the contracts, ensures that the agreed-upon monies make it to the racers, and above all balances mutual interests. By doing this, the riders under contract can enjoy a worry-free, gratifying tenure, and you, as a crit organizer, will benefit from having enthusiastic ambassadors from the regional circuit in your ranks.

Cycling Service is at home in the world of criteriums and is known as the international market leader in mediating between riders and race organizations. For many racers, we open the door to getting access to criteriums. For years now we have been striving to ensure that both organizations and riders lack for nothing, before, during, and after. In so doing, Cycling Service takes the practical and adminstrative headaches totally off your hands. In Cyclotivity, our digital program, all agreements and contracts are made easily available. Our office is and remains the most valuable service provider to lighten the load for riders.